1. Tired of Playing Standard Pool? Try These Alternatives!

    If you have a pool or billiards table, you don’t just have to play pool or billiards! You have a bunch more options that are guaranteed to spice up a gathering or informal hanging out with friends. At Vitale Billiards, we know tables backwards and forwards, because we specialize in pool table moving in Colorado and Wyoming. Over the years, we have discovered that these dynamic pieces have endles…Read More

  2. Pool Table Moving Part 1

    Anyone who thinks that moving a billiards table is easy has never tried! These wonderful pieces take a lot of work to move from place to place properly. Those who do try pool table moving treat them like couches. They grab some friends and struggle to get the table through doorways and more. However, the twisting and other actions can warp and damage your table. These things are very heavy, awkwar…Read More